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Get to know yourself through the Practice

Yoga is freedom, control and growth.

It's the acceptance of what it is, of what comes, without any judgement.

It's a reflection of what I live and face in my everyday life, the positive and negative sides. 

We are what we are, and it's fundamental to dedicate some time to dig into ourselves, learning how we function and how powerful we might be, when we are focused and aligned with the flow of life.


Pirandello used to say: “We think we understand ourselves and each other, but we never really do.”

And for me, Yoga corresponds to the journey of looking deeper into our soul and our mind; to discover that both the good and the bad coexist within us.


Yin and Yang, inside us, interconnected forces exchanging energy every moment of our day, shifting our perspective and balance for our whole existence.


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Focus on yourself and deepen into the practice with me


An empowering experience to discover new parts of you while sharing your energy with the group


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Aligning with Yourself

wherever you are


"Giorgia embodies passion, attentiveness, and an unwavering focus on her students' well-being. Collaborating with her cultivates a profound, individualized yoga practice, tailored to both the art's precise techniques and my personal aspirations. Amidst prior experimentation and self-study, practicing under Giorgia's guidance proved transformative, aligning precisely with my needs. Under her tutelage, I'm realizing my aims of enhanced flexibility and strength, while delving deeper into yoga's theoretical underpinnings. Beyond class sessions, Giorgia equips me with tools for independent growth, fostering a seamless integration of yoga into my daily life. This holistic approach enriches my practice, fostering continual growth and nurturing both physical and mental well-being."

- Sofia Tornetta

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